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March 2015

March Student of the Month – Eléonore de Ridder

The Student of the Month award for March 2015 goes to Eléonore de Ridder for her hard work and dedication in her learning. Congratulations Eléonore, keep up the good work! Watch the first movement of the Mendelssohn Violin Concerto in E Minor op. 64 performed beautifully by Eléonore here! Q1. At what age did you start learning the violin? I started learning the violin when I was 4 years old. Q2. Was violin your choice of instrument to learn? Yes of course. Playing the violin was my dream since I was 2 years old. Q3. What do you do when you get nervous before going on a stage? I prepare well and run through the piece mentally before a concert. Q4. How do you manage your academic work along with violin practice? It is very hard. Sometimes I am very tired and can’t practise but I try my best to practice for 1 to 2 hours everyday. Q5. Who is your favourite composer? Beethoven. Q6. Do you have a favourite violinist? Yes! I really like David Garrett. He plays a wide variety of genres and he has his own style. Q7. What have you learned in Aureus Academy? As I progressed, I learned to play more advanced pieces and repertoires that are also longer in length. Q8. What are the cons/pros of being a violinist? It is nice and very practical to have your own instrument with you all the time. However it is also difficult to deal with the changes in the humidity and temperature which affects the tuning and the sound of the instrument. Q9. Do you have a short/long term goal(s) for your musical journey? My long term goal is to study the violin professionally.  

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