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Our System Will Check On Available Make-Up Minutes On Your Schedule 6 Days Before The  5th Lesson Of The Month


5th week lessons will be automatically converted to a make-up lesson if there are sufficient make-up credits in your account on the first day of every month using your existing make-up credits.

However, if you do not have sufficient make-up credits you will be able to either cancel the lesson, book an ad-hoc lesson, or book a make-up lesson in advance. Please see below for some frequently asked questions.

How do I book a make-up lesson?

Using your make-up credit from a newly cancelled lesson:

  • Cancel a future lesson to accrue a make-up credit.
  • Book Make-Up Lesson: You currently have {# of mins in bold} make-up minutes available.
  • Click the button to “Book Make-Up Lesson” and the class will be booked, using the newly accrued make up credit, and confirmation sent to the app.

How To Cancel The 5th Week Lesson?

If you’d like to skip the class and have no additional charge made, since there are 5 weeks and you have attended 4 lessons for the month.

  • Click the button to “Cancel the 5th Week Lesson”
  • No make-up credits will be added for cancelling since you have attended 4 lessons in the month

How do I book an ad-hoc lesson?

If you do not have any available make-up minutes and you would like to attend this lesson, please select ad-hoc lesson.

This will charge your account for 1 ad-hoc lesson based on your enrolment package and you will receive a confirmation.

  • Click the button to “Confirm Ad-Hoc Lesson”
  • If you have booked an ad-hoc lesson and then have to cancel, you’re still able to cancel with a 24-hour notice and a make-up credit (30/45/60 min) will be added to your account based on your package.
  • For those who have prepaid, the 5th-week lessons have not been included in that package and the billing was still for 4 lessons per month.
  • This process will run automatically 6-days before your 5th week lesson. If there are no sufficient make-up credits and you have not cancelled the lesson, an Ad-hoc lesson will be created automatically and your account billed for one lesson.

Can I do a make-up lesson during the 5th-week in advance?

Absolutely! You can cancel a future lesson to accrue a make-up credit. Depending on the timing, you can manually change the 5th lesson to a make-up using the now available make-up credit, or our system will run the make-up confirmation on the 1st of the month.

Why must I cancel the lesson 6 days before the 5th week lesson?

While we only require a 24-hour notice for regular lesson cancellation, a 6 day period is required for a 5th-week lesson cancellation to allow for other make-up lesson bookings during the 5th week of the month.

What happens if I cancel less than 6 days prior to the 5th-week lesson?

If you do not have any available make-up minutes, an ad-hoc lesson would automatically be added to your schedule and your account will be charged for 1 additional lesson. Should you wish to cancel this lesson less than 6 days prior to lesson date, the system will credit your account with make-up minutes according to your lesson package, which you will be able to utilise at any time convenient to you within 120 days!