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December 2021

Luke Wan: A World of Music

Sitting at the piano and running his fingers over the keys with the concentration and ease of a little Mozart is 8-year-old Luke Wan. He is currently taking piano lessons with Dr. Nattapol at Aureus Academy Forum. Luke recently gave us a wonderful performance of Prokofiev’s Tarantella Op. 65 No. 4, and we were delighted to find out more from him about his musical journey and endless passion for music!

Simply Drawn to Music
When asked what he liked about playing the piano, one of the things Luke shared was the joy that music never fails to bring him! Starting piano lessons at the young age of four, Luke also enjoys the sound that the piano makes when he plays on it. He also appreciates the versatility of the instrument in allowing a pianist to create music spanning a wide variety of genres and styles.

Young Classical Music Lover
Classical music might not be the conventional choice for a young boy’s favourite musical genre, but that was surprisingly not the case for Luke! In fact, he shared that Mozart is his favourite composer as he finds his music fun and uplifting.

Practice is Never a Chore
It is inevitable for many students to struggle with finding the motivation to practise at some points in their learning journey. It can be daunting especially for young children as practising requires dedicating one’s full attention to the instrument for a stretch of time. Contrarily for Luke though, practising has never been a chore! He savours every chance to be in touch with music. It is incredible that at such a young age, he is already able to devote 1 hour a day to practising. Well, his hard work definitely shows in his playing!

Future Goals For Music
After only four years of attending piano lessons, Luke already has a great sense of rhythm and technical control over the piano keys. When asked about his next goal, Luke pointed out that he wants to fix the problems he has with his playing, and work on building a stronger foundation to play more musically.

Luke indeed knows no limits when it comes to his ambitions for music. He shared that he is currently working on Beethoven’s Bagatelle in E-Flat, which is a technically demanding piece that requires a high level of finger dexterity.

Beyond Piano and Music
Luke’s musical pursuits definitely do not stop with the piano. He is also learning the violin, and has set his eyes on drums next! Outside of music, Luke’s interests seem to lie very heavily in the arts as well! He revealed himself to be an avid reader who also enjoys drawing in his free time!

You can watch Luke’s full performance of Prokofiev’s Tarantella Op. 65 No. 4 as well as other performances put up by our amazing teachers and students on Aureus Academy’s Youtube channel!

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Alex Sarabi