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Piano Lessons
At Aureus Academy Singapore

Piano Lessons at Aureus Academy is one of the most popular instrumental courses for children. If you are interested in learning the piano, our teachers at Aureus Academy Singapore are highly qualified and well trained to guide you in your learning journey. Upon consultation, you will be presented with a personalised curriculum to build foundational technique while cultivating your enthusiasm for music. Once you have mastered the basic piano technique, you can expand your musical language ranging from classical, pop, rock, jazz or more! Here at Aureus Academy, our teachers are able to work with students of all ages and abilities, including children from as young as 4 years old.

Check out some of our
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Why Choose Us?


All students have 99% pass rate
on ABRSM music exam


All teachers are trained
to conduct engaging lessons


There are platforms for your
kids to perform on stage


10 locations around


See immediate improvement
when playing the piano


State-of-the-art school
and facilities

12 benefits of attending
our piano lessons


academic skills


Stimulates creativity


Develops social skills


visiospatial processing




Develops discipline
and patience


Improves problem
solving skills


Improves reading


Boosts self-esteem


Improves memory


Develops physical


Serves as a good
foundation for a bright
future for your child

What others say about us

  • So when they started Aureus, their main differentiating factor from other music schools was the TEACHERS!

    Instead of just employing those with minimum Grade 8, Aureus employs those with minimum Bachelor’s degree in Music!

    Mum's The Word
    Mum's The Word
  • The main driving force behind this remarkable is Aureus' full-time and highly qualified teachers.

    The Straits Times
    The Straits Times
  • Aureus is known for its fantastically qualified teachers and one-to-one training.

    Sassy Mama Singapore
    Sassy Mama Singapore

Opportunities for your child
to perform on stage

Your child is not just attending normal piano lessons at Aureus Academy. They are trained to think, express themselves, and cultivate their musical talents through engaging lessons. We provide performing opportunities for our students to showcase their talents.


Our passionate teachers aim to
inspire your child

We believe that good teachers teach, great teachers inspire. We aim to inspire your child – inspire curiosity; inspire confidence; inspire a hunger for learning.

One way to inspire students is to lead by example. We hold regular mini concerts at our studios for our teachers to perform.

“Aureus has sparked and developed
our son’s love for music!”

Our 7-year old son, Asher, has made phenomenal progress after taking piano lessons at Aureus for just over a year. During that time, he has transformed from a beginner into a passionate and confident performer, having participated at several recitals and a studio recording organized by Aureus. We were excited to see Aureus’ studio

Aureus has also prepared Asher well for the ABRSM piano exams. His teacher at Aureus is Khiew Eur, an accomplished pianist with a master’s degree in music. Under her guidance, he had completed his Grade 2 last year with flying colours including perfect score for one piece and close to perfect scores for the other two! He is currently awaiting his results for Grade 3 and scheduled to complete Grade 4 later this year.

Asher looks forward to every piano lesson at Aureus as his teacher, Khiew Eur, constantly engages him in a fun and lively manner. At the same time, she instils a high level of musical professionalism in him by providing timely feedback and encouraging him to always perform each piece to the best of his abilities.

Besides classical music, Aureus has introduced Asher to a wide variety of other musical genres and helped him discover his forte in jazz and the blues.

We are grateful to Aureus for making such a deep positive impact in our child’s life, and believe that they will do the same for your child!

Mr & Mrs Khoo Chen En

We are grateful to Aureus for making such a deep positive impact in our child’s life, and believe that they will do the same for your child!