September 1, 2019

It all starts with a G – 10 Easy Guitar Songs With Just 3 Chords


Copywriter, Aureus Group

We hope you are having an amazing week. We thought we would share some simple guitar songs here this week! Here are some great 3 chords songs that would be fun to play on the guitar! In order to play these, you will need to get familiar with what we call the major basic chords (G, Em, C, D, Am & A).  
  1. Happy Birthday – Traditional (D, G, A)
Perhaps the most popular song of all time should be on anyone’s repertoire. With a combination of the 3 easy chords D, G, A, it shouldn’t take so long to learn Happy Birthday. Just remember: You start strumming on the word “Birth-day“, Not “Happy!”
  1. Riptide – Vance Joy (Am, G, C)
It has an interesting strumming pattern and the chords themselves flow quite easily. D D UDU would be a pretty safe bet to strum this but do listen to the recording to get a feel of the strumming. It will do your ears wonders!
  1. Royals – Lorde (D, C, G)
Another simple guitar song that has room for a variety of strumming patterns. When I teach this I go for a syncopated 16th note pattern but you can use any number of simple strumming styles. For music theory lovers this song contains a bVII chord – C!
  1. See You Again – Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth (Em, C, G) – Capo 3
Now we’ll need to start using a capo if we want to play along with the recordings. The great thing about this song is that there’s actually no strumming pattern in the beginning, just single strums per chord. As the song gets underway, you can build up the momentum as you like!
  1. Sweet Home Alabama – Lynyrd Skynyrd (D, C, G)
Another song that’s similar to Royals harmonically, Sweet Home Alabama is a great song to learn! Learn some of that infectious country rock by spending some time on this classic tune!
  1. 3 Little Birds – Bob Marley (A, D, E)
What list would complete with a classic reggae tune! If you’re not familiar with a reggae strumming pattern, it will be great to practice your up strokes while strumming!
  1. In The Name of Love – Martin Garrix (C, D, Em)
Even electronic music can be played on the guitar and not only that, this song is pretty simple!
  1. The Duck Song – Bryan Oden (D, G, A) – Capo 3
This song is a viral hit and pretty fun on the guitar. There’s anticipations in the strumming pattern, so watch out for those!
  1. Oh Cecilia – Simon and Garfunkel (C, G, D)
Classic song that was recently reworked by The Vamps.
  1. What Makes You Beautiful – One Direction (D, G, A)
It sounds much more than 3 chords, right? Anyway, it has an interesting rhythm but of course, if you wanted you could simplify again. Try to mimic the sound of the rhythmic structure by using your ear to listen to the recording, it’s great ear training!