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August 2021

Is the Piano or the Violin best for my child?

At Aureus Academy, Singapore’s leading music school for children, we often receive questions from parents asking about which instrument would be the best for children to start with – the piano or the violin? This question stumps many parents because both the piano and the violin are beautiful and elegant instruments. The approach to playing these two instruments are so vastly different, that it is often difficult for parents to know which is best for their child to learn first.

One can easily recognise these instruments in classical compositions and pop music elements. Many of the most breathtaking features and solos in a concerto often have a spotlight on the piano or the violin. In a research done by Artan and Balat (Turkey, 2003), they examined the level of recognition of music and musical instruments of children between 4-6 years of age.

“When the children were asked ‘What is music’, they answered mainly by saying, ‘playing a musical instrument’. Many of the children were able to identify musical instruments correctly when shown pictures of them.” Artan and Balat also stated in their research that “[musical] instruments are one of the most attractive elements of music for children. Children love musical instruments, and have been observed to be more excited and interested when they can create their own music in the preschool period.”


Choosing Between The Piano & The Violin

Both instruments bring a lot of benefits when picked up at a young age. From mental and social well-being benefits to the refinement of psychomotor skills. However, piano lessons would be a much better choice for a child who is new to the musical learning journey. For example, learning the different pitches or music notes (C, D, E, F, G, A, B and sharps or flats) is a breeze on the piano as the piano keys have clear delineations between each note. The piano as an instrument is also more versatile, when it comes to learning classical music or contemporary pieces. The learning curve is thus quite a smooth one. It is recommended to start piano lessons at a young age in order to train coordination, finger dexterity and strength! It is a good thing that Aureus Academy starts piano lessons for children as young as 4 years old (and for some über-talented children, 3.5 years old is also a possibility)!

The violin wins in terms of portability. A range of child-sized violins are widely available for smaller hands, down to the 1/16 for younger children. However, the violin can also be more demanding physically and mentally. It involves standing, a little extra discipline and dexterity between holding the violin and using the bow, not to mention perfecting the amount of pressure used on the strings while bowing to make a pleasant (and non-scratchy!) sound – these can take months or even years to master! The huge amount of practice and discipline required to produce a simple clear tone on the violin, and to play pieces with note accuracy will definitely result in higher levels of mental tenacity, perseverance, discipline and focus for any long-time student of violin lessons. At Aureus Academy, we make starting violin lessons easy, as every new Aureus violin enrollee who has yet to procure an instrument can enjoy a brand new, free violin to take home with them for practice as part of their sign-up package!


Establishing A Strong Musical Foundation At A Young Age

Aureus Academy’s Music Exploration (ME) programme is a roadmap to an enriching musical learning journey for children aged from 3 to 4.5 years old. The objective of the ME programme is to strengthen young children’s musical foundation for learning an instrument in a fun and engaging manner. This creative learning platform aims to yield specific music learning outcomes that focus on cultivating hand-eye coordination, concentration, and the ability to match and recognise pitch by exploring different areas of music during each session through three phases of learning:

Recognition: To be able to recognise instruments, notes, sounds
Comprehension: To ensure memory, understanding, and retention of musical concepts
Application: To assure mastery of musical concepts through applying what they’ve learned through playing percussion instruments, the piano, or singing!


Nurturing The Passion For Music

For children between the ages of 4-7, we will be able to see where the child’s musical interest is leaning towards – piano, violin, guitar, voice or drums! If they have already expressed an interest and that their heart is set on playing a particular instrument, we will encourage them to take a few lessons to try it. Otherwise, we would recommend that the piano is the perfect instrument upon enrolment at a music school for children.

Over at Aureus Academy, highly qualified, passionate and dedicated full-time teachers to pave the way for the future generations of musicians. Equipped with the most creative and fun ways to engage children during their music lessons, teachers are able to introduce them to essential musical techniques to playing the piano or any other instruments – from good postures, warm up exercises to learning the musical scales.


Fanning The Flames of Passion

Ultimately, the goal is to nurture the passion for music within your child. Music lessons for children must be fun, engaging and educational! Otherwise, their interest will soon dwindle and fade away. It takes a village to raise a child; the environment of the music school for your child, the highly educated and experienced music teachers would affect their learning progress. Not to mention that every child has a unique learning process as well! To provide the most magical and positive musical learning journey for the young musician, the family also has to play a part in making practice a consistent habit at home.

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Alex Sarabi