August 2019

Is It Too Late to Start Piano Lessons?

At an early age, children are enrolled to music lessons, particularly piano lessons, by their parents. There are several reasons why they send their children to these kind of lessons. Often times, it is because young children are more likely to acquire a skill quickly at their age, and learning and having a new skill are major factors to a child’s development. Now, how about the adults? Are you still capable of learning the piano? Would you be able to move your fingers smoothly and quickly despite your age? Is there such thing as “I’m too old to learn the piano”? The answer to these questions is a resounding “no”. Music knows no age. Music lets everyone create. Music embraces anyone who wants to enjoy and listen to it. There is an overwhelming amount of resources online, such as PDFs, mobile applications, videos, that can help you learn how to play the piano. Try searching online for pieces that you would love to play and I bet there is at least one or two results that are available for your own pleasure. Teenagers might find this as a more interesting way to learn the piano. While this method of learning can be fun and flexible, it is important to be careful as one might develop bad habits or wrong techniques without the guidance of a tutor. There are other people who prefer the traditional way of learning, which is through a teacher. There are music schools that conduct lessons not just for children, but also offers adult piano lessons. Sign up for a trial lesson and find the right teacher for you. Look for a teacher with whom you can work comfortably and gives you the sense of responsibility to practice what you have learned inside during the lesson. It is of utmost importance to find the right chemistry between teacher and pupil. If your schedule is quite hectic, then consider hiring a piano teacher who will travel to your home. Now this is just one of the social aspects of learning piano. If you have a child and you enrolled him to piano lessons and you do not have any musical background, there’s more reason for you to start now! This will help both of you grow musically as you can guide him while he practices and completes his homework in music theory, and vice versa. This is another social aspect of learning the piano. You always hear that music is for everyone because it really is. It is catered for everyone to listen, play and feel. So if you are interested and passionate enough, then what are you waiting for? Remember there is no such thing as being ‘too old in learning the piano’. Find out more about individual piano lessons here.

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