May 2014

Melvyn Tan Visits Aureus Academy

Internationally Acclaimed Pianist and Steinway Artist Melvyn Tan visits Aureus Academy:Aureus Academy was fortunate enough to receive a visit from world-renowned concert pianist Melvyn Tan! Aureus Academy is honoured to receive a glowing statement about our school and programme from Melvyn Tan. Read Melvyn’s statement below!
Melvyn Tan visiting Aureus Academy!

Melvyn Tan visiting Aureus Academy!

It’s wonderful to see the Aureus Academy doing so well. In a world of dwindling audiences and the prevalence of recorded sound, the Classical Music scene needs places like the Aureus Academy, who not only provide students expert tuition on their respective instruments, but also form a fundamental understanding and love of the music they play.These students will be both the performers and the audiences of tomorrow. -Melvyn Tan

Aureus Academy