September 2019

How Will You Benefit From Classical Voice Training?

Classical voice training is the best way to learn how to sing because it trains an individual to make full use of their voice in the healthiest way possible for the body and vocal folds. Below are some of the benefits of classical voice training:
  1. Reliable and flexible technique – classical voice training ensures that the singer has a solid technical foundation because the training itself focuses on vocal flexibility, building strong breath support, and widening the range. If you listen to operatic singers, you’ll find that they can sing from very low to high without cracking or straining the voice, can sing many notes very quickly without going out of tune, and can sing very long lines without running out of breath. As these are also requirements for challenging pop songs, you’ll find that classical training will make it easier to sing pop power house ballads. Many classically trained singers, such as Kristen Chenoweth, Audra Macdonald, Lea Salonga, Josh Groban, and Sarah Brightman, have been successful in the field of Musical Theatre and Pop because of their exceptional technique and clear, strong voices!
  2. Strong musicianship – part of classical voice training often includes having to learn how to read notes and symbols on sheet music, tackling tricky rhythms and sometimes, having to sing with more uncommon harmonies. In the end, this makes the singer a stronger musician overall!
  3. More cultural and historical knowledge – a huge part of classical voice training is learning repertoire from European Classical music, especially Italian songs and arias (this is because Italian vowels are the best for singing as they are very bright and open) – not only does the singer get to learn a new language, but the singer will also get to learn about the historical context of the music.
It goes without saying that Classical voice training requires a very skilled and experienced voice teacher to guide you through. Aureus Academy has amazing vocal teachers that can tailor their lessons to help you find your voice in the healthiest way possible  – find out more here! You might also be interested in: Are You New To Learning Good Singing? Here’s Everything You Need to Know! Master Song Lyrics Like A Pro! Tips on How to Maintain Vocal Health

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