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October 2021

How to Get the Most Out of Online Lessons

With the latest heightened restrictions, Aureus Academy has shifted our music lessons online for students who are unable to attend them in-person.

As a parent, you may be wondering how effective online music lessons can be. We totally understand your concerns as music learning is a very interactive activity. However, our experienced team has made the necessary adjustments by training our teachers and preparing special, engaging teaching materials to ensure that your child’s online learning is of the same quality as that in the classroom.

That said, it is inevitable for a young learner to be feeling a little lost with the new lesson format, or to get slightly fidgety and distracted in a home environment. Not to worry, we have some tips that can help you better engage your child to get the most out of their online music lessons with Aureus!

Creating a conducive environment for lessons

As young students may be used to associating music lessons with being in a dedicated studio space with their teacher, they may feel rather disorientated especially if it is their first time taking music lessons online.

One way to reorientate your child for online lessons would be to designate a specific area or room for them to have their lessons in. This way, a clear demarcation for the child between when they should be focused for lessons, and when they are free to go about their other activities at home would be created, allowing them to separate lessons from play.

It is also important to minimise any possible distractions in this lesson space, such as by removing any toys or other electronic devices that the child may be tempted to fiddle with during the lesson. Having a clean and tidy space will also definitely help your child have a clearer mind which would allow them to focus better during lessons.

Sitting in for your child’s lessons

At Aureus, we always encourage parents to sit in with their child for lessons at our studios as we believe that students are more motivated to perform with their parents’ support. Being involved in your child’s learning journey becomes even more important when it comes to remote learning.

Since your child would have to take lessons at home, they may be used to portraying some home-related behaviours or habits that would not usually be present when they are in a classroom setting. This is especially the case if you have a very active child. There are bound to be limitations to the amount of authority a teacher can assert from behind a screen, so having a parent around physically would help to minimise any fits of mischief that may occur during lesson time.

In addition to just sitting in for the lessons, we recommend parents to join in the lesson activities wherever possible! It is helpful for you to encourage and guide your child especially if your child is really young. This will provide them with more assurance and confidence to carry out the tasks set out by the teacher.

Parent-teacher communication

It is even more crucial during this period of online lessons for you to communicate with your child’s teacher about his or her progress. Without having to travel to the centre for physical lessons, some students may lose the sense of urgency or importance when it comes to preparing for lessons. By sitting in on lessons and continuing to follow up on your child’s progress with the teacher, the student will learn to treat online music lessons as seriously as their in-person ones.

Additionally, while our teachers are all trained to conduct lessons effectively online, an open discussion between parent and teacher on ways that might help the student absorb online materials better would be beneficial for the student’s learning.

Preparing your child for lessons

The very first, and the most important prerequisite for music lessons to carry on effectively online is to have an instrument! Since students will have to show teachers their progress and try out new techniques, they should have their instruments set up and ready before every lesson. Aureus provides rental and purchase options at affordable prices and you may contact your customer service team for more information!

Now that the journey to the centre is taken out of the picture, it might also be helpful to sit your child down in the designated lesson room a few minutes before the lesson to brief them on what to expect. Setting aside time for preparation can also help the student get into the right frame of mind before the start of the online lesson. This is especially relevant for young learners as having a new format of teaching may be disorientating for them. It would help for you to explain beforehand how the online lessons would be carried out and to reassure them of the fact that their teacher will be present on screen to guide them through every step.


With repeated instances of heightened measures bringing music lessons at Aureus online, this may no longer be new to some of our parents and students! However, we hope that these tips will relieve the stress and worries of parents with children who are having online music lessons with Aureus for the first time. We are always looking forward to working with you and providing engaging and enriching music lessons online for your child during this period!

Should you have any queries regarding online lessons at any point, feel free to contact our friendly programme specialists at +65 3158 5811 and they will be happy to answer any questions from you.

Alex Sarabi