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September 2021

How Old is Too Old To Take Piano Lessons?

It is never too old for anyone to be learning the piano – or to be playing music! Music is a universal language. It knows no age and lets everyone experience its magic. Music embraces anyone who wants to enjoy and listen to it. You can be five, or 50, and you will still be able to pick up learning the piano!

Never Too Old

An article from National Geographic mentioned that your aging brain will be in better shape compared to those who have not played music! “Those many hours spent learning and practicing specific types of motor control and coordination, along with the music­-reading and listening skills that go into playing an instrument, are all factors contributing to the brain boost that shows up later in life.”

Scientists have also found that learning a musical instrument as an adult helps to make the brain more efficient. This extends to protecting against dementia as we get older. So it really does not matter how old you are, the piano is an instrument you can play for life. Here are some steps you can take to learn how to play the piano!

Finding The Right Teacher & Setting Your Goals

Attend a free trial at a music school to see if you enjoy piano lessons with the teacher. When you enrol with them, set your goals and ask yourself what you want to accomplish as a piano player. For self-enjoyment? Or to play a tune at the office party? Have a clear goal in mind of why you want to learn to play the piano. It will help keep you focused and motivated as well as give you something to work toward.

Practice. Practice. And Practice Patience

Put aside 15 minutes every day to practice. Consistent practice in short sessions of time is better than practicing everything all at once. Progress may feel tedious, but have patience with yourself! Remember the goals that you have set for yourself, and consistently work towards them.

Choosing Your Favourite Songs

Want to be consistent in practicing the piano? Find music you enjoy! If you love classical piano pieces, then pick a piece and conquer it. Want to play pop tunes of Sir Elton John or Coldplay? Why not? Pop piano pieces are great to start with because they often have simple melodies and tunes that are easy to play.

Be Willing To Make & Embrace Your Mistakes

This is one of the key reasons why adults have a tendency to give up learning music. There is no need to feel embarrassed when you make mistakes or if a song or technique is difficult to master. Your piano teachers want to help you improve. When you make mistakes, it helps them to understand what you are struggling with and how they can help you.

Celebrating Every Achievement

Remember where you began and celebrate your improvements, no matter how small! When you see the progress you have made, you will be more motivated to continue. When you’ve mastered a song or skill that was difficult, celebrate that accomplishment.

It is never too late to reap the benefits of playing the piano, even if it only began later in life. Jennifer Bugos, an assistant professor of Music Education at the University of South Florida, studied the impact of individual piano instruction on adults. After six months, those who had received piano lessons showed more robust gains in memory, verbal fluency, the speed at which they processed information, planning ability, and other cognitive functions, compared with those who had not received lessons.

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Alex Sarabi