Acquiring Musical Skills • Drum

December 2021

Why and How I Fell in Love with Playing the Drums

Before becoming a drum teacher, I spent many years performing as a drummer and a percussionist. For many musicians, a commonly asked question is “Why did you choose this instrument?” To answer that, I would like to share my musical journey and how I came to love the drums and take up adult drum lessons. Hopefully my story will inspire you to pick up the drums up yourself!

Musical Beginnings

I enjoyed rock and metal music as a teenager, but I would have never imagined that I would become a music teacher one day. I picked up the guitar under my brother’s guidance and started my own band when I was 18. Up until that point, music has always been a hobby that I enjoyed doing with my friends.

The Start of Something New

My relationship with music started to change when I joined my university’s marching band. Since the guitar is not an instrument option in a marching band, my band director assigned me to play the flute. However, while performing with the band, I found myself admiring the percussion section, and how the action of the drumsticks looked from a distance. That was when a passion for the drums started growing inside me. However, at that age, I thought that it was too late for me to pick up a new instrument.

I continued playing the flute for almost a year at university until an opportunity to play the glockenspiel came up and I decided to take it up. It was the best decision I have ever made as it opened up more opportunities to try out various kinds of percussion instruments. It was then that I decided I did not want my journey as a percussionist to end there. I eventually joined a community percussion group and began taking adult drum lessons. That was where I developed most of my music skills and even started coaching school marching bands.

Striving to Greater Heights

Upon graduating university with an arts degree, I started a job as a junior designer while continuing to take up drumming gigs on the weekends. However, I soon discovered that music was what kept me going and made me happy, and went on to pursue a second degree in music performance.

One thing that I have learnt is that it is never too late to pick up any instrument and pursue your passion in music. In fact, as a teacher, I have taught countless adult students and watched them develop their skills faster than young students. An advantage adult learners have over children is the ability to grasp more complex musical concepts.

I will always be grateful for the opportunities and choices that brought me to where I am now as a drummer and musician. Every performance on the drums makes me crave for more! I simply enjoy the rushing adrenaline and energy that I feel when I am swinging my drumsticks. Even though the field of drums and percussion has been dominated by male performers for many years, I believe that music does not discriminate between genders. As a female drummer, one of things that motivates me is the desire to break gender stereotypes when it comes to playing the drums.

At Aureus Academy, we offer drum lessons for adults too! If you have always wanted to become a drummer, but never got the chance to do so, there is never a better moment than now! I started taking up adult drum lessons when I was 24, and it is a decision I have never regretted. It is never too late to start chasing after your musical dreams! Book your free trial lesson with Aureus now and be on your way to embarking on an exciting musical journey!

Alex Sarabi