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If you’re looking for music lessons, look no further! Voted best one-to-one music lessons in Singapore, Aureus Academy can guarantee an engaging, highly-customised, and effective musical learning journey for you or your loved one! What’s more, our highly qualified and talented faculty can teach a wide variety of genres and styles, be it classical, pop, rock or jazz!

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Whether you’re a parent looking for the best lessons for your child, or an adult learner looking to pursue your interest and passion, we have a wide variety of engaging one-to-one lessons for both the young and the young at heart!

Suitable for ages 5 and above

Violin Lessons

The violin is one of the most popular instruments to learn because of its portability, elegance, and undeniably beautiful tone. Through our one-to-one violin lessons, students will learn all the fundamentals, from bowing with the proper posture and finger techniques, to developing strong sight-reading and aural skills from our highly-qualified teachers. Our knowledgeable teachers are also able to tailor their lesson plans and teaching according to each and every violin student’s needs, based on various pedagogical techniques such as the Suzuki method and other certification-based learning. What’s more – students are able to learn whichever piece or song they want in our violin lessons, whether it’s Bach, Mozart, or a Disney song!

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Suitable for ages 4 and above

Piano Lessons

The piano is considered an ideal instrument for all ages and the easiest, most user-friendly choice to kickstart one’s musical journey! Our one-to-one piano lessons will instill solid playing techniques through engaging and fun exercises as well as games and colourful lesson materials! What’s more, our talented teachers make lessons enjoyable by curating the pieces you will learn according to your interests, be it Disney, classical, jazz, pop, or even musical theatre! For students to build a firmer foundation and understanding of music, our experienced piano teachers are also able to impart their knowledge on music history, performance practice, and music theory within the same one-to-one lessons for every piano student.

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Suitable for ages 2.5 to 4 years old

Music Exploration Lessons

Drawing from a child’s creative and colourful mind, our Music Exploration lessons are the only one-to-one music lessons for kids of this age range in Singapore! Utilising a combination of Kodály, Dalcroze Eurhythmics, and Orff methods, children will be taught to develop musical skills and fundamentals in a fun and exciting way, all with the help of colourful musical and percussion instruments like the shakers, xylophone, and tambourine, handbells and more! Movement exercises, singing and introduction to the piano are also included in our Music Exploration lessons, which are a great way to cement your child’s musical foundation at an early age.

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Suitable for ages 5 and above

Voice Lessons

Channel your inner Queen Elsa, belt it out like Bruno Mars, or be Broadway’s next big star! You will learn how to develop a solid technical foundation through vocal exercises that will help to train your breathing techniques, body and posture awareness, as well as stage performance skills. No matter what genre you might fancy, our experienced and talented voice teachers are able to provide careful guidance, attention and encouragement to each and every vocal student through our one-to-one voice lessons to sing anything, be it a classical aria, a jazz standard, a pop hit, or even the latest Disney tune!

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Suitable for 7 and above

Cello Lessons

Known to be the string instrument that most closely resembles the human voice, the cello is a great instrument to pick up for music lovers who enjoy its rich and dark timbre! Our one-to-one cello lessons will equip the learner with the fundamentals of playing this beautiful instrument, from teaching posture, bow grip and bowing techniques, while at the same time cementing each student’s musical fundamentals with aural and theory exercises that are essential for playing this instrument well! Students are also able to work with our highly qualified teachers in curating repertoire they would like to play, whether it be Bach’s cello works to ensemble pieces by Piazzolla!

*Only available at certain locations and highly recommended for students with some previous musical background

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Aureus Lessons?
One-to-One Music Lessons

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Fun and Engaging Music Lessons

with musical material relevant to trends and age group

Tailored Lesson Plans and Curriculum

for every single student

Highly Qualified and Passionate Teachers

with Bachelor’s or Master’s Degrees in Music

Same-Day Rescheduling

full-time teachers with flexible schedules

Lessons Streamed Live

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Guaranteed Performance Opportunities

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Spacious, Colourful, And State-Of-The-Art Music Studios

conducive for learning

Comprehensive and Ongoing Retraining

with quality assurance checks on teachers and pedagogical standards

Legend: Guaranteed Does not support Varies

Why choose
Aureus Lessons?
One-to-One Lessons
Fun & Engaging Lessons
Tailored Lesson Plans
Highly Qualified Teachers
Same-day Rescheduling
Lessons are livestreamed
Guaranteed Performance Opportunities
Spacious and state of the art music studios
Comprehensive and ongoing retraining


Guaranteed Does not support Varies

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