June 2019

February Student of the Month – Esther Kang

Congratulations to Esther Kang for receiving Student of the Month (February 2015) at Aureus Academy! Esther received the Student of the Month Prize at Aureus Academy (February 2015) for her hard work, dedication, and the significant progress that she has shown in her studies. Check out Esther performing the first movement of Mozart’s Piano Sonata No. 5 (K 283)! Q1. At what age did you start learning the piano? I had my first lesson when I was 9, but really started to practice seriously at 11. Q2. When did you first enter a musical exam? I have never taken one before coming to Aureus. I will be sitting for my practical and theory exams this year! Q3. Tell us a little about your first performing experience. My first public performance was at the Nexus Concert last year. I performed two pieces by Bach and Mozart. I was very nervous at first, so nervous that my hands felt like they were frozen. When it was all over I was so glad I did it, it was fun! Q4. What do you do when you get nervous before going on a stage? I don’t focus on being nervous. I try to concentrate on the music I play, but it’s difficult! Q5. How do you manage your academic work along with piano practice? I practice about 3-4 hours a day after school, and when it gets dark I do my studies…it definitely keeps me busy! Q6. Who is your favourite composer? I love so many composers and genres that it’s impossible to choose one! Q7. Do you have a favourite pianist? Valentina Lisitsa – she is an amazing pianist. I saw her perform the last movement of the Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven and thought it was amazing! Q8. What have you learned in Aureus Academy? I have learnt lots of new pieces and also music theory – I am currently doing Grade 5 and before this I have not studied music theory. I loved learning from Ms. Cho, she has introduced me to a wide variety of pieces and composers and I have felt significant progress thus far. Q9. What are the cons/pros of being a pianist? Pros- you learn to enjoy music / Cons- being nervous on stage. Q10. Do you have a short/long term goal(s) for your musical journey? For now I would like to pass my Grade 5 Theory and Grade 7 practical piano exams with flying colours. My long term goal is to be able to play the piano forever, and learn to play it to perfection!  

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