July 2019

FAQ – Winter Camp 2015

  1. What is the start and end time? The camp starts at 9:30am with a welcome speech from one of our Directors. This is followed by a short ice-breaking and warm up session. Participants are then grouped accordingly by age/level and will adjourn to respective studios for different activities. There is a one-hour break, lunch inclusive. End time is at 4:30pm.
  2. What kind of lunch is provided? We are ordering takeaway from a nearby Rotisserie including healthy sandwiches, wraps and juices. 
  3. How do you handle children with allergies? Please write down any food allergies or other health conditions in the “additional comment” when registering online via the online registration form. If you are signing up with one of our admin staff, make sure you inform them. We will  try our best to give proper attention.
  4. What instruments can my child choose from? You can choose from piano, violin, cello, classical & acoustic guitar, ukelele, flute, clarinet, trumpet and vocal singing. This comes in both solo one-to-one studio class and ensemble practice.
  5. Can I enrol my child if he/she doesn’t play an instrument or has no knowledge? Definitely! This is one of the perks we offer in our popular “An-Instrument-A-Day”. 
  6. How do you group the students? There are a few factors we take into consideration when it come to grouping: By age: 4-8, 9-12, 13-16, 17 and above. By level: Beginner, Elementary, Intermediate and Advance. We also identify returning participants so that there is no repeats in the contents.
  7. Do you have a timetable? The exact timetable will only be available beginning of December. This is because we need to have a rough numbers of students and their background to come up with the perfect programme!
  8. Are students only allowed to choose only one activity stated on the brochure? Absolutely not! The activities on the brochure are only some of the more popular ones from our previous camps.
  9. I would like to have a rough idea on your curriculum before signing my child up. Morning programme concentrates on getting to know the instruments (for younger children & new learners), where as the more experienced students focus on technical aspects and performing skills. The afternoon session is a combination of music appreciation, concert etiquettes, prep work for Finale Concert and concert itself at 3:45pm. All parents, family members and friends are welcome to come back at 3:30pm to support your child on stage.
  10. What if my child has no idea or too young to know which instrument to try? How do you identify a suitable instrument?   We start with an introductory lesson on pitch and non-pitch instruments, follow by different sounds and tone, pairing rhythmical inclination and hands dexterity. For those already with some experience in playing an instrument and want to try out other new instruments, they will be put in a different group. 
  11. Are parents allowed? No. All parents, especially mothers, get an OFF day!
  12. What is the teacher to student ratio? There will be at least 20 faculty members and admin staff on site. Your child will be in good hands.
Here are some reviews from parents on our past camps: “All my 3 children look forward to the Aureus Music Camps and have been regular attendees. The small focus groups at the camps give each child the opportunity to explore his/her interests. I especially like the performance segment at the end of each camp day. Even the music novices get to perform and feel like stars! This confidence-building aspect to me is what shapes a child’s personality and helps balance him/her to go from good to great. As a parent, I appreciate the balance between performance excellence and just good ole’ fun. There is always an upbeat vibe at Aureus, with much laughter and encouragement.”Joy-Marie Toh  “My daughter really enjoyed her music camp this summer 2015, which gave her a renewed appreciation to learn the violin.” – Pieter van der Schaft

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