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Piano Lessons for Beginners: What's an Ideal Age to Start

February 10, 2021

Why it’s better to start from a young age?
The opinion of an ideal age to start a piano lesson varies from person to person. Although everyone has their own view, music instructors will come to an agreement that piano lessons for beginners usually starts at a relatively young age. As a music instructor of the most promising music school in Singapore – the Aureus Academy, several personal suggestions are illustrated below to support the idea that piano lessons for beginners is better to start “young.” “Is it an ideal age for him/her to start the piano lesson now?” This is the most typical question I have been frequently asked after the trial lesson with young children.

For my own opinion, it is hard to give a precise “perfect age” for learning piano because every child is unique in their own way. The ideal learning age depends on their different personalities, physical, and cognitive developments. Therefore, instead of giving an exact starting age, it is proper to give an ideal starting range. Based on my teaching experiences, children are encouraged to get exposure for their first music lessons as young as four to five years old.

The first reason is that children in this period are often equipped with strong curiosity. During the age of four to five, children’s strong desire of exploring things makes them a suitable target for piano lessons. Children often reveal their curiosity of the piano by asking tons of questions about it, touching different parts of it, and exploring how to make different sounds. In many cases, children are extremely excited to come to piano lessons because they are curious about the mechanism as well as the sonority of this instrument.

The second reason is that young children are more sensitive about different kinds of sounds because it helps develop their sensory experience. Since playing piano requires the team work of different senses, such as aural, visual, oral, and physical, children are encouraged to start piano lessons sooner for building up their musical perceptions.

Last but not least, the period, approximately from age four to five, is often recognised as children’s golden era of learning. Their learning capacity, both physically and cognitively, rapidly accelerates during this age because of the development of their brain. Due to the reason, I will suggest that the piano lessons for beginners is better to start from a young age.

Why Aureus piano lessons?
As the most promising music school in Singapore, the Aureus Academy provides comprehensive piano lessons for beginners. Because Aureus takes each of your child’s learning steps seriously, Aureus teachers are authorised with flexibility to choose teaching materials and offer customised lessons suitable for your child. Take piano lessons as an example, due to the limitation of young children’s concentration, the perfect lesson time for piano beginners is about thirty minutes. During the first few lessons, teachers will not limit themselves to focusing only on piano because playing piano is a complex balance of operating different senses. Therefore, based on the uniqueness of each child, several percussion instruments, such as drums, tambourine, bells and xylophone are utilised by Aureus teachers to create many fun and engaging activities to train different senses of the young children. Once the teacher has verified the children are ready for a full lesson on piano, they can switch immediately without wasting time.

Based on the reasons mentioned above, why not give a try of booking a free trial lesson at Aureus Academy to experience the most qualified teachers, first-class facilities, and professional front desk team.