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Music Classes for Kids: Are One-to-One or Group Classes better?

January 31, 2021

When enrolling a child in any type of music programme, parents are often at odds with choosing a one-to-one private lesson or a group music class. So what exactly is the difference? And how should you choose violin, voice, guitar, or piano lessons for beginners?

Private, one-to-one music lessons are typically of a shorter duration (30 minutes, 45 minutes, or 60 minutes), and consist of a weekly one-to-one session with a specialised music teacher. This music lesson may be for any single instrument, such as piano, violin, voice, guitar, ukulele, or drums. A one-to-one lesson allows for personalised instruction and increased individual attention, which can greatly advance the progress of one’s music learning journey. For example, it may be better to choose one-to-one piano lessons for beginners as that would ensure that the student has close guidance when it comes to building a strong technical and musical foundation – after all, every child is different and unique!

On the other hand, group music classes may be longer (up to two hours), occur once or twice a week, and will have a larger student to teacher ratio. Group classes typically consist of ensemble instruction, meaning students come together to play music under the supervision of an instructor. Although a group class may foster team building and social communication skills, having a larger class may mean less in-depth learning, as it becomes more difficult for the teacher to personally attend to each student.

At Aureus Academy, we focus on providing one-to-one private music lessons, as we believe that every child should receive the best possible musical learning experience. In a one-to-one lesson at Aureus, each student has the full attention of the teacher for the entire duration of the class. This individual attention provides an opportunity for a more extensive study of musical technique on a selected instrument. Moreover, teachers will cater individualised lesson plans to match the student’s learning style, practice habits, and musical tastes – for example, if a student particularly loves Disney songs, our teachers will definitely integrate this into that student’s lessons! Students will be able to learn at their own pace with higher levels of interest through a more curated mode of learning.

Finally, students are able to take advantage of flexible scheduling in one-to-one lessons, and may cancel and reschedule their lessons as necessary at Aureus Academy – in fact, we have a Mobile App, which allows Aureus Academy families to reschedule lessons at the push of a button!

While a one-to-one lesson may not offer the same window for social interaction as it does in a group class, our teachers do host at least two recitals per year, where students can come together to perform for each other. Watching their peers play can be a great motivator for students to improve their own musical skills and abilities.

So are one-to-one lessons or group music classes better? While it is dependent on your child and situation, I recommend starting with private piano lessons for beginners as that will help kids to develop a basic foundation of music- plus the piano is always a wonderful and feasible instrument to start with. It can be difficult to grasp fundamental skills in a group setting, hence personalised coaching will create an environment best suited for greater improvement and progress. Once students develop their foundational skills on their instrument, they may wish to join a group ensemble to build teamwork and make music together.

If you are seeking piano lessons for beginners or lessons for any musical instrument, look no further as Aureus Academy offers a free 30-minute trial lesson with only the highest qualified teachers. Sign up for your free trial today and begin your musical learning journey with us at Aureus!