September 2021

Eight Years With Aureus

We are extremely thrilled to be sharing the joyous occasion of Aureus Group’s 8th Anniversary with our ever-growing family of students, parents, teachers and employees! We would like to take this opportunity to look back on how far we have come, and all the challenges we have faced and conquered. Also, to not forget to express our gratitude towards every individual who has made all of this possible.

Where It All Started

The idea of Aureus was born during the period of study at the prestigious Yong Siew Toh Conservatory where Lawrence Holmejford-Sarabi, founder and CEO, trained as a concert pianist. He came to the realisation that there was a high demand for quality music education in Singapore after being approached repeatedly by audience members at public recitals to coach their children.

“Everyone deserves the gift of making music, and I would make this my mission”

That was what Lawrence believed in. He sought to provide an elevated standard of music education in Singapore, that was previously missing in the market, with the professional knowledge and expertise of highly-qualified musicians. Today, Aureus Academy is the leading music lesson provider in Singapore with the most number of teachers holding Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate Degrees in Music or Music Education against other industry competitors.

During his fourth year at the conservatory, Lawrence started making plans for the business. Aureus Academy launched its first branch in 2013 at Delfi Orchard with 5 teaching studios, offering specially tailored one-on-one music lessons. Lawrence had been part of the teaching faculty while his brother and co-founder Julius, bringing his expertise as an entrepreneur, had been in charge of operations at the front desk.

Since then, Aureus Group has grown exponentially, now with 25 centres across Singapore and Hong Kong, offering top-notch music education to aspiring musicians.

Milestones Over the Years

Acquisition of Ossia Music School
In 2018, Aureus Group took over the management of Ossia Music School, with 6 locations in the heartlands of Singapore so as to make quality music education more accessible to every household.

Expansion to Hong Kong
In 2019, finding a similar demand in music education in Hong Kong as in Singapore, Aureus Academy stepped foot into the Hong Kong market with 3 locations – Citywalk 2, Island Resort, Olympian City 2.

Digital Transformation
Also in 2019, in order to provide more ease and convenience for our busy customers, Aureus developed a mobile application that allowed for instant rescheduling and cancellation of lessons, while also introducing an automated monthly payment method (just like your music or film streaming subscriptions). This in turn saved much more time and trouble from customers having to call or send emails to respective centres and wait for a reply, or queue up for their turn at the front desks just to make payment.

Circuit Breaker & Online Lessons
As we all know, 2020 was a difficult year for many, and in Singapore it had hit particularly hard when the Circuit Breaker measures were announced. Many music schools had to cease operations for what was assumed to be a temporary period, but Aureus had decided to push forward with online lessons as we believe that nothing should prevent our students from continuing to pursue music.

With the unfamiliarities and uncertainties, many customers had been apprehensive towards the idea of an online format of teaching during that time. However, we had set our minds to carry things out as per normal without compromising the quality of lessons, and did everything we could to ensure the shift towards online learning was a smooth one for teachers and students alike.

Specialised training was provided to our teachers so that their students could still take away the same amount of knowledge and skills. For students who did not have an instrument available to them for lessons at home, Aureus rented out hundreds of keyboards, digital pianos, and electric drum kits, even going the extra mile in giving extra complimentary lesson time to customers for online lesson and internet connection troubleshooting so that lessons would remain productive and effective.

As it goes, we saw several more periods of heightened restrictions in the country which prevented enrichment centres from carrying out physical lessons even after the Circuit Breaker. Fortunately, Aureus already had a sturdy online lesson system established from the beginning, which allowed us to provide our quality services continuously to customers who seek them.

In fact, some of our customers have continued to opt for online lessons after restrictions have been lifted, having been assured by the unchanged quality of lessons even when held online.

4 New Locations Despite COVID-19
Riding on the success of online lessons, Aureus continued to seize opportunities to grow despite difficult times in 2020, opening up 3 more branches in Singapore (NEX, Thomson Plaza, VivoCity) to provide more accessibility to customers coming for our lessons.

Moving into 2021, Aureus Academy has continued to set up centres islandwide with our newest location in Anchorpoint, as well as expanding pre-existing centres like Westgate to spread the joy of music to a wider audience.

Celebrate with Us!

We invite you to pop by and enjoy some good music as we reminisce and celebrate eight years with Aureus on our Facebook livestream on 29th September 2021, at 8pm. Our talented students and teachers have prepared 8 incredible performances to mark Aureus’ 8th birthday!

What’s more? To share the joy of this milestone, we are offering 4 free lessons or a complimentary instrument of your choice between the violin, ukulele, and guitar, for all who enroll with us in September. Here’s the perfect chance to get started on the Aureus experience if you haven’t already!

Xin Min

Xin Min is a content writer at Aureus Group with a passion for all things related to music and the arts. Being in touch with music from a young age, she has grown to enjoy a wide range of musical genres from classical to jazz and musical theatre, and hopes to share the endless charms of music through her writing. When she is not busy typing away in front of a screen, she can be found running her fingers across her piano keys.