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December 2021

Effective Music Teaching Approaches for Kids

With a plethora of music schools in Singapore offering different teaching methods for young children, parents often find themselves in a dilemma as to the best music school that would be able to engage their children and allow them to have fun while learning music.

While parents are often eager to send their children for music lessons from as young as 3 years old, music actually comes with many abstract concepts that may be difficult for young children to grasp and even be interested in. As such, it is the job of music educators to find interesting ways to keep children engaged in lessons and help them develop a meaningful relationship with music.

Tools to Engage Children in Learning

Personally for me, I have come to realise that the use of colours, graphics and storyline have proven to be effective in helping me engage with my young students. For example, I would use colours to indicate notes and sounds, to make it easier for young learners to understand these often difficult music theory concepts. Some music schools in Singapore, like Aureus Academy, would also come up with specific lesson tools for young children.

As a teacher at Aureus, I am fortunate enough to have access to resources such as lesson booklets with attractive graphics and designs that encourage children to embark on an adventure in the jungle, picking up musical knowledge at tiny checkpoints along the way. These booklets also consist of stickers designed to celebrate each musical learning milestone that the students have completed. With years of experience as a teacher, I realised that such forms of encouragement can spur a young learner to be more motivated and proactive in their learning. In fact, with these teaching materials and approaches, some of my students could actually play an entire song like Baby Shark after my class, which I feel is a rather rare feat for any music school in Singapore.

Music Exploration

For children whose muscles are not fully developed to play musical instruments like the piano or violin yet, such as children as young as 2.5 years old, I believe that it is important to first make music a fun activity and encourage them to explore the different facets of music at their own pace. When I teach children in the Music Exploration course, which is a special one-to-one music preparatory course offered by Aureus Academy, I would usually let them tinker with colourful instruments like xylophones, bells, or even shakers to help them understand pulse, intervals, rhythm, and other musical concepts. With the use of various colours, children tend to be more excited to play on them, thus focusing in class better.

Hands-on Approach

As a piano teacher, I also often apply my own tools in class to let my students understand my teaching in class better. For example, I would let them hold rubber balls to demonstrate the correct hand posture that they should apply while playing on the piano. Or, if a student’s rhythm is off while playing a piece, I find that it is more effective to let them use some shakers, or a small drum and get them to keep to the beat of the piece while I play it out so that they would be able to better feel the rhythm of the piece, rather than me counting out the beat for them every time.

Why Aureus?

As each teacher has their own approach to teaching music, it is understandable if you are worried about whether a music teacher would fit your child’s learning needs. This worry can be easily addressed if parents are allowed to send their children for a trial lesson! Trial lessons are very vital especially for young children as they serve as good indicators for their interest in a particular instrument or just music in general. They are also a great way for parents to gauge whether the teaching approach used by the teacher would be suitable and engaging for their child. At Aureus Academy, parents are welcome to tune into a livestream of their child’s trial lesson to have a better understanding of how lessons are carried out. This is to allow you to assess whether the teacher’s teaching style is suitable for your child, and to keep yourself updated on and involved in your child’s music learning progress.

As a leading music school in Singapore, Aureus Academy is committed to nurturing any children with an interest in music. We have 16 outlets conveniently located across Singapore, with vibrant studios and state-of-the-art facilities, making us the easiest to find and the most accessible music school in Singapore for children. Sign up and enjoy our free 30-minute trial lesson now, to better understand our creative teaching approaches!

Alex Sarabi