Does Music Make Your Child Smarter?

The answer is an overwhelming YES! Research by psychologists at the University of Zurich has found that learning to play a musical instrument can help with brain development by increasing your IQ by as much as seven points! This is because the parts of the brain used during music lessons – those that control motor skills, storing audio information, hearing, and memory – become larger as a result of learning an instrument! In turn, this enhanced brain development also improves daily actions such as vigilance, alertness, emotional perception, and planning.

Learning to play an instrument not only boosts music and brain development but also child development – it teaches children to be more self-disciplined and attentive. These are all traits that contribute to better academic performance, which thus makes children brighter and thus speeds up your child’s development in other areas as well such as sports and emotional dealings with other people.

It is no surprise then, that many famous, successful people, from movie directors to politicians to scientists were musicians as well: Steven Spielberg and Woody Allen, both prolific movie directors, both started playing the clarinet at a young age; Condoleezza Rice, former US Secretary of State, had trained to become a classical concert pianist; Former US President Bill Clinton is an accomplished jazz saxophone player; Louis Braille, inventor of the Braille reading method for blind people, was an excellent organist despite being blind himself; Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of the telephone, played the piano; Albert Einstein played both the violin and the piano, and loved to perform in public. In fact, music helped him when he was brainstorming his theories. He would jot down his parts of his ground breaking theories and formulas after striking several chords on the piano.

The good news is, however, that the benefits of music lessons are not only applicable to those who start young – adults can experience in brain development! The same research team from Zurich also found that even those past the age of 65 who would start playing and instrument and practice an hour a week for four or five months exhibited ‘strong changes in the brain.’

Thus, why not give music lessons a try? We hope this has helped you in learning more on how music affects learning in the most positive way! Start your musical journey today and sign up for your free trial! Aureus Academy offers music lessons for a wide range of ages and wide variety of instruments.

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