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April 2022

Confidence Building Through Music Lessons

Always feeling nervous when you are put in the spotlight? Be it presenting something to your colleagues, being singled out when asked a question by your boss, or going to a place with lots of unknown people?

You are not alone! “Stage Fright” or Glossophobia affects more people than you think. Multiple studies have shown that around 75% of the population are uncomfortable when put under the spotlight! The good news is that there are many ways to overcome this, and one of the ways to build up your confidence for situations like this is to take up music lessons!

There are many ways in which music lessons can help build your confidence. Firstly, by going for music lessons, you can learn how to practise. If you are not used to practising something on your own, then this could be a great step in the right direction to building your confidence. There is the Chinese saying, “3 minutes of glory on stage, 10 years of hard work off the stage.” If you want to put on a good show or performance, then practising is a must.

Ultimately, performing in public or bigger events is every budding musician’s end goal. Even a casual performance to your close friends and family requires some form of practice and preparation. The more well prepared you are, the greater your confidence on stage!

Secondly, when you are performing on stage, you are literally putting yourself in the spotlight. Having experience on stage or performing in front of a crowd will greatly help you to acclimate to the strangeness of the situation. It might be daunting at first, but with some time and experience, you will find that every time you go on stage, you are taking small steps out of your comfort zone. This will not only help to develop your self-esteem and confidence, it will also improve your social skills in the long run.

Lastly, you will acquire a skill that you can be proud of! While it may seem like most of the people that you meet in your life can play an instrument, the truth is that not many people stick around long enough to advance to the next level. Or in most cases, they have already long forgotten how to play the instrument after getting through the beginner stage. However, those who did not stop learning will realize the positive effects that it has on a person’s brain development. Music is essentially a creative process, and you will notice after a while that your brain starts to feel more relaxed during the learning process. This helps to boost creativity and makes you more confident that you are learning a new skill!

It is a known fact that music lessons can bring out your confidence in one way or another. That’s why It is not surprising that some people take up music lessons to help them improve their confidence. At Aureus Academy, we focus on 1-to-1 music lessons that are tailor made to guide you through the necessary music fundamentals and techniques. So, what are you waiting for? Start now and bring out the confidence that you never thought you had!

Kenneth Cheong

Kenneth Cheong is an accomplished musician and a graduate of the University of Toronto, where he received his Bachelor of Music (Hons.). As an active musician, as well as a composer, he has performed extensively as well as having his works premiered at various concert halls around Canada.