October 2019

Classical and Contemporary Piano – The Differences

Are you having a hard time deciding between Classical and Contemporary piano lessons? Wondering what are the differences between classical and contemporary piano, and how different the learning processes, techniques and lessons are? Is one harder than the other? If you have these burning questions, this article answers them all! Technique Classical piano technique is normally far more demanding, requiring many factors such as agility, independence, and strength of fingers. There is a greater emphasis on training one’s fingers to attain a high level of detail, accuracy and speed in playing. Contemporary piano technique, similarly, requires a certain amount of finger training, but is not as widely applied in the music as compared to classical music where the pieces are much more detailed and complex. Learning Process Contemporary piano can sometimes be seen as a more casual learning experience, with much more freedom in interpretation of songs and notes. Students usually learn piano through chords and symbols, improvisation, and playing by ear. Transcribing rhythms and notes is a common practice amongst contemporary pianists to discover the tone they desire and to help them in their contemporary music composition in the future. This is a great contrast to classical piano where everything is fixed and slightly more rigid. Everything is more structured and planned out. Students learn classical piano pieces through notations and there is little room for improvisation. There is more emphasis on learning individual notes by note reading, as compared to contemporary piano. Experience Both Classical and Contemporary piano offer students a very enriching and passionate adventure, with equal difficulty but in different aspects. It is essential to understand your preference in learning style and of course, music taste. Knowing your strengths and going with it is important as well. Some people fair better in Classical piano, and some in Contemporary. Being fluent in one does not necessarily guarantee your fluency in the other! At the end of the day, choosing the right piano lesson depends on where your appreciation lies, and where your passion will grow. No matter where your interest lies, our experienced teachers at Aureus Academy will guide you on your musical journey, be it classical piano or contemporary piano. Fulfill your passion today by enrolling in piano lessons – beginners with no musical experience are welcome!

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