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December 2021

Benefits of Trying Out Music Lessons Before Committing

To commit or not to commit to music lessons? Most parents will be contemplating whether to send their child for music lessons, worrying that their child might not grow to enjoy the music lessons. Slowly and surely after spending many dollars, the child would end up wanting to stop lessons altogether. Well, here is where experiencing trial lessons could come in handy!

Aureus Academy, Singapore’s leading music school, believes in providing aspiring musicians the chance to try lessons before committing to them. Here are a few benefits trial lessons can bring.

Encouraging A Positive Mindset

Especially for young learners, trial lessons encourage positive mindset development in children. For young children, lessons are mostly an obligation, enforced by parents, for the child to attend. This may cause them to dislike lessons even before they are given a chance to discover their interest in music. Students become less motivated to learn or to try new things, making it harder to ensure consistent learning progress.

Being a music educator and musician who picked up the violin rather late at the age of 17, I believe that effective learning stems from having an active passion for music. Only when the student is able to appreciate the wonders of music can they be interested in learning more and retain the motivation in improving their skills as they go.

There are many music schools in Singapore that offer trial lessons to potential students. Aureus Academy designed their trial lessons to ignite that spark of interest for students. By introducing musical concepts through fun activities, students get to experience and learn music at a fundamental and relatable level. For young children, learning music in a classroom setting can often seem intimidating, especially when they are faced with more technical concepts. Our aim as educators is to turn music into play to help young students transition better into lessons and to look forward to learning more.

Finding The Perfect Instrument

Another important benefit of trial lessons applies to not just young learners, but all aspiring musicians. With the array of instruments available, some may have trouble deciding on the best one for themselves. Attending a trial lesson for a particular instrument is a great way to assess your interest and suitability for an instrument. For children below the age of 4, it is also crucial to let a teacher determine whether the child is ready for music lessons or to pick up a particular instrument. Ultimately, trial lessons ensure that you will be able to make it find your instrument of choice.

Personalising Your Lesson Experience

An assessment happens during the trial lesson, it helps students and their parents understand their abilities in music. It also helps teachers gauge student’s needs to better create personalised lessons tailored to their learning style and pace. This serves to further enhance and maximize their learning experience and outcome.

At Aureus Academy,  our highly-qualified teachers are proficient in assessing a student’s abilities. Recommending a course and instrument most suited for the student, as well as to tailor learning programmes that will suit their individual interests and learning goals. Still wondering whether music lessons are for you? Book your free trial lesson now and have a taste of the Aureus experience today!

Zac Loh

Zac is a passionate violinist and music educator. During his career as a performer, he has been featured in various chamber and orchestral music productions and participated in a concert series held by the Elder Conservatorium of Music. One of his memorable achievements include instrumental conducting in productions held at Bishop Hall, Adelaide. He also has many years of teaching under his belt and enjoys sharing his expertise and love for music with students through enriching and fulfilling lessons.