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December 2021

Benefits of Going For Music Lessons For Seniors

Ever heard of music lessons for adults and seniors? Getting older signifies that you are much wiser now than you were before. You are now able to understand things from different perspectives, and even know what is truly important in life. However, growing older also brings about many different worries. Such as the loss of some motor and cognitive functions. Here’s a look at the benefits of going for lessons at a music school as you age.

Physical Health

Music has been a tried and tested formula to slowing down the ageing process. It helps you generate a more positive outlook in life. Research says said that senior citizens who participated or attended music lessons tend to have fewer doctor visits. They also take lesser medication and have a good mental health. It has also been reported that seniors participating in musical activities also found that music is very stimulating for their brains. Assisting them in day to day functions and helps them to think well. This shows that when you learn music, you’ll not only be able to maintain physical functions such as your muscle tone and physical stamina, you’ll also be able to boost your cognitive agility and finger dexterity. These all help to keep your mind sharp and boost your memory.

Psychological Benefits

Research has also shown that learning music can contribute to the psychological well being of seniors as they age. Seniors would also be able to achieve self-worth and self-understanding during music lessons. They will learn to express themselves in a creative way. Helping them to cope with the stresses that they face in day-to-day situations. These psychological and mental benefits would be able to help seniors improve their quality of life and help them achieve feelings of inner happiness, accomplishment and contentment.

Social Benefits

Attending music lessons at a music school encourages social interaction for seniors. It allows them to build meaningful relationships and social connections with their music teacher! Being a part of Aureus Academy, the leading music school in Singapore, would allow them the opportunity to perform for others. This helps to enhance the feeling of pleasure and joy that comes from music making. This would also allow them to feel a sense of inclusion and belonging which is crucial for seniors as they age.

In conclusion, attending music lessons would certainly provide a lot of physical, psychological and social benefits as you age. If you are currently looking for a music school in Singapore but can’t decide which one to go for, come down to Aureus Academy, the leading music school in Singapore for a free trial and you will definitely not regret it!

Alex Sarabi