October 2019

Beginner’s tips for learning drums

Have you always wanted to play the drums? Do you own a drum set but have no idea what to do with it? Here are some tips on how to start your musical journey on the drums! How to play drums for beginners The first step is your posture and making sure the setup of the drums is comfortable for you. For posture, you should be in a relaxed manner with shoulders down and arms by your side. You should not have to reach out too far to strike any portion of your playing area. Make sure your seat is not too high and your leg is 90 degree comfortably rested on the bass drum pedal. The drums and cymbals should be positioned in front of you so that you can comfortably reach every part of the kit. The sticks Find the right sticks for you. For beginners, I would suggest getting a pair of sticks that’s not too heavy or too light, but just right! I would suggest Vic Firth 7A hickory stick for general use or for practicing. The grip Hold both sticks firmly with your palms facing downward but loose at the same time. The main control I would say would be the thumb and index finger and the rest of the fingers will be well rested on the sticks at all times as well. All drumming utilizes a combination of finger, wrist and arm usage. It’s is essential that the drummer always play relaxed and get the most out of his or her body potential. A few tips is, never hold at the center of the drumsticks or and the edge of the close to the butt ends because of the balancing factor. Playing the drums for beginners Now you’re all set with the basics. Read on to find out how to play the drums. Try to get a consistent rebound strokes on whatever part of the drum kit you are playing – snare drum, tom tom, hi-hat or ride cymbal. Each stroke should originate from the same place as this ensures consistency. Don’t originate your strokes from up in the air, that’s where a good margin for error can creep in. Start with crotchets, quavers and semiquavers for warm up on the snare drum and then proceed to doing them across the drums at the same tempo. After that, add in the bass drum on every crotchet beat and play it at the same consistent tempo. Practice with a metronome Developing a steady pulse is of vital importance for every drummer. One way to start practicing basic drumming techniques is with the metronome. Metronomes are now available as apps and are great tools to strengthen your timing. Like any other instrument, to truly master it, it is most important to have a great and highly qualified teacher who can teach you drumming techniques and guide you on your way to greatness! Find out more about Drums lessons at Aureus Academy here!  

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