September 2019

Beginner Dilemmas: Should I Buy A New Or Used Guitar?

The beautiful sounds of the guitar resonates in the air. With each strum, distinguishable melodies envelop all that’s in attendance. The musician receives a rapturous applause. A music lover of songs the world over; you find joy in making and listening to beats on repeat. The smooth grooves that outline the shape of this instrument has caught your fancy and now you just gotta have one. One of the main decisions a new student of the guitar will face is what guitar to use? Should he or she buy a brand new instrument or perhaps look for a bargain to save money. In short, the answer depends on you. In this article we will explain the different factors that go into deciding whether to buy a new guitar or a used one as a beginner. Cost Guitar stores often have attractive starter packages for new students. These often range in prices between $150-$300. I would generally advise not to buy a guitar that’s too cheap, such as something under $100. You probably won’t get a good instrument for that price. The materials are much cheaper and you would find the instrument wearing out after a couple of years. Durability It might surprise people to know that even an inexpensive guitar can last a long time if handled with care. One thing that concerns new students is, “Will I need to change my guitar so quickly after I’ve purchased the first one?”.  After about a year or two of playing, a student can reward themselves by buying a new guitar after the first cheap guitar. Buying Used: The Pros And Cons Perhaps you might find someone who’s willing to sell their guitar to you for a cheaper price. Sometimes you can get quality brands (Martin, Taylor, Fender, Ibanez) that are used and still in pretty good condition. If the guitar is in good condition and sells for a portion off it’s regular retail price, then it’s worth buying. If it’s a good brand but the guitar is in bad shape, it’s probably not a good idea to buy it. Buying A New Guitar: An Investment For The Future Most people when they start out typically buy a starter guitar from a guitar store. You can either go for a conservatively priced starter guitar ($150-$300), or if you are absolutely sure you will be in for the long haul, you can spend a few hundred dollars more and get a really good guitar (Martin, Taylor, Fender) as an investment. As guitars are pretty popular instruments, even the premium models are very affordable. If you are planning to buy a good quality guitar as an investment for the future, perhaps inquire if you can purchase on instalments. Alternatively, if you haven’t made up your mind to buy any, you can consider renting a guitar with us.

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