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December 2021

Why You Should Be a Violinist

While learning to play the violin is becoming more common nowadays, it has always been the second choice for parents when choosing the instrument that their child should learn for their music lessons. As a professional violinist and teacher, I would like to share with you the various advantages of letting your child learn to play the violin!

It is Easy to Carry Around!

The violin comes in a range of sizes starting from the smallest size of 1/32 (13-13.5 inches) to the full size of 4/4 (23-23.5 inches). This means that there will be a violin that will suit any learner no matter their age. In addition to that, the portability of the violin also allows you to perform at almost any venue and does not occupy much space in the house, making it perfect for musicians who live in apartments with tight spaces.

It is a Popular Instrument used in many Genres!

Despite being commonly used in solo performances and in large orchestras, the violin is now used in a variety of musical genres outside of classical music such as pop, rock, jazz, blues, folk, world music, electronica, dubstep, and even K-pop (Korean Pop music). In addition to that, although the violin originated in the West, its versatility has brought it into different musical cultures in the world, seeing it adapted into the folk music world of the Celts, Middle East, South America, Argentina, and even India.

It Keeps You Healthy!

Just like how most other instruments can improve physical coordination, learning to play the violin provides the same form of training for your body as well! Playing the violin can help to improve your posture, strengthen your upper body, refine your motor skills, and aid other sensory and physical functions. As playing the violin will require you to use your upper body strength, you will feel as though you have completed a workout after attending a violin class! Besides physical benefits, learning to play the violin can also improve your senses and cognitive functions. After a period of consistent practice and lessons, you would also develop a better sense of hearing, sight, and touch. Learning to play the violin will also help you to improve your sight-reading skills and memory and will enable you to better express your emotions.

Career Opportunities

Becoming a professional violinist can open up many opportunities in your musical career. Violin players are always in high demand in the music industry when it comes to events like weddings, anniversaries and other business events. This is due to the huge repertoire of wedding music in which violin is the main instrument, such as Canon in D, Wedding March and Salut D’Amour. The violin sections in an orchestra also have the largest number of players as compared to other instruments, creating an abundance of opportunities for a full-time career as a professional violinist.

At Aureus Academy, our violin teachers are highly-qualified in teaching children as well as adult beginners. Our trial lessons are crafted to allow you to experience what you will learn at a violin lesson and find out if learning how to play the violin interests you. Book your free violin trial lesson today and be on your way to discovering the incredible charms of the violin!

Alex Sarabi