Jacklyn is a Copywriter with Aureus Group, and making words flow to the sound of music is just about her thing! She hopes that her writing will be able to influence more people into experiencing the magic that music can bring. When Jacklyn is not crafting quirky and fun paragraphs or one-liners for work, she will be scrolling and swiping around for the next social media trend, singing for her neighbours from her living room, binging on Netflix or deep diving into the world of music and performing arts.

All About Practice

All About Practice and Victoria Lau – Aureus Young Artist of the Month

Recipients of the Aureus Young Artist of the Month are students who show outstanding progress and growth in technicality and musicality. They are recommended and handpicked by our Aureus teachers from everyday classes at Aureus Academy. When we feature them, we hope to be able to motivate and inspire other young artists with their stories.…