Aureus Online Lessons

Dear Parents, in order to ensure that our students can continue their musical progress, all lessons physically conducted at Aureus centres will be moved online, effective Friday, 27th March 2020. This will be the “Alpha” phase of our digital learning platforms, as we seek to have full digital capability in the future.

All students enrolled at Aureus centres will be able to participate in online learning from Friday, 27th March onwards. You will receive an invitation link to participate in the online lessons along with the tutorial one day before your lesson.

Watch the tutorial videos below for a how-to guide on setting up for online music lessons!




Additional Quick Tips on making the most out of your online lessons!

Quick Tip #1: Enabling your Microphone and Camera

Quick Tip #2: Make The Most Out Of Your Online Lessons!

Quick Tip #3: Optimizing your Internet Connection!