September 2019

Are You New To Learning Good Singing? Here’s Everything You Need to Know!

Good singing is always thrilling to hear, whether from your favourite pop star, jazz crooner, or opera singer. Good singers always make it sound so easy, but many find that singing is one of the most elusive skills to master because it involves many body parts that you cannot physically see. However, fret not – here’s a short list of everything you need to know in order to sing better:
  1. It all starts with learning how to BREATHE – the most important singing technique starts with breathing. Breath management for singing requires much more breath control than regular breathing as we need to sing louder and sing longer passages. A good breath for singing is a deep breath – As you inhale, the stomach and ribcage should expand OUTWARD as you’re taking a breath because your lungs are getting bigger and more filled up with air (most people think it’s the other way round). As you then exhale, the stomach and ribcage should deflate inward. You can try to sing any note on ‘ah’ and see how long you can hold it – you’ll notice how as you sing and expend air, your stomach and ribcage SLOWLY move inward, which is a result of the diaphragm controlling the rate that your air is expended from the lungs. Nevertheless, it’s advisable to learn these breathing techniques from a qualified vocal teacher!
  2. Record yourself singing – another singing tip that is great for practice is to record yourself using your phone or anything with a recording device. You might feel uncomfortable listening to yourself, but it is highly encouraged that you listen to your own recordings as it will help you discover the good and the bad about your singing. While you listen, ask yourself the following: are you in tune? What is the quality of your voice? Do you sound comfortable or strained? You can diagnose yourself by listening to yourself sing – however, it is still better to have a professional vocal trainer assess your singing as recordings most often don’t reveal everything about your voice!
  3. Embrace your own voice – another singing tip that is often done incorrectly by amateur singers is to sing with your own voice – DON’T try to imitate other singers! Each voice is unique because physically, every human body is different – so don’t be disappointed if you try to copy your favourite pop star but find that your voice sounds completely different. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses and some voices are more suited to certain genres. The best way to get the most out of your own unique voice is to find a good voice teacher!
  4. Sign up for voice lessons (if you haven’t already) – perhaps the most important singing tip (after breathing) is to find a good voice teacher. Behind every famous singer is a very supportive vocal teacher, and many singers still go to their teachers even after they’ve achieved success! Good voice teachers have had years of experience and understand the voice scientifically, therefore they know how to improve your voice in a safe, healthy way! You can find out more about qualified voice teachers here.
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