June 2019

April Student of the Month – Bronwyn Watkins

Bronwyn Congratulations to Bronwyn Watkins on being awarded the Student of the Month Prize for April here at Aureus Academy! Bronwyn wins the prize of the month for her dedication and commitment in her musical learning, in addition to being proficient on both vocals and trombone! Well done, Bronwyn! We had a chance to communicate with her to find out more on her thoughts and her goals in her musical journey. Q1. At what age did you start vocal lessons? Eleven. Q2. When did you first enter a musical exam? Twelve, or a little under a year after I started my singing lessons. Q3. Tell us a little about your first performing experience. I was so young i don’t really remember much, except I was so small and nervous, but that I kept getting told well done afterwards by people I only vaguely recognised. Q4. What do you do when you get nervous before going on a stage? Breathe in for four counts and out for six, then wiggle my toes! Q5. How do you manage your academic work along with music practice? I arrive at school very early normally so try to do practice in the mornings for half an hour. If I don’t have time to do that I’ll do vocalisations in any spare moment I have. My friends have gotten used to it now! Q6. Who is your favourite composer? Tough question, I’d possibly have to say Quincy Jones simply for Soul Bossa Nova but I don’t really have a favourite composer, I just like all genres of music. Q7. Do you have a favourite singer? Lea Salonga, Sarah Brightman, Pavarotti, Mika, Sam Smith, Arctic Monkeys to name a few. I can’t decide on a single one, I just love them all! Q8. What have you learned in Aureus Academy? That I have to keep practising and practising, because if you can’t do something the first time, the chances are you will be able to at some point. Q9. What are the cons/pros of being a vocalist? Pros are definitely being able to sing along to your favourite songs and have people say ‘wow, that sounds awesome’ and not feeling bad about singing in front of people. Cons would be being told to be quiet when you start singing or humming. Sometimes I don’t even realise that I am actually humming – it just happens! Q10. Do you have a short/long term goal(s) for your musical journey? Yes, in the short term I would like to get my Grade Five Vocals and Theory, and also improve my performance style. In the long term, my ideas are a bit more vague, I am still undecided on what direction I would like to go with my music, so I’ll see where the music takes me!

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