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January 2022

From Pianist to Footballer: Meet All-rounder Tamara Chang

In today’s student feature, we are thrilled to be sharing the musical journey of 11-year-old Tamara Chang! Tamara is a young and talented pianist who is taking piano lessons under the tutelage of Dr. Nattapol at our Forum branch. She recently brought us a skillful interpretation of Clementi’s Sonatina in C Major, Op. 36, 1st Movement, and we were happy to hear her share about her love for music and her dedication towards excelling at the piano.

The piano was ‘love at first listen

Tamara has been a music lover from the very beginning, drawn to all the wonders music had to offer from a young age. Out of all the instruments in the world, she revealed that the sound of the piano was the one that caught her attention and spurred her to take up piano lessons when she was 5 years old.

How to become an all-rounder

Effective time management is key for an accomplished all-rounder like Tamara! When it comes to playing the piano, musical sensitivity and artistic sense plays an crucial part of the learning journey. However, it came as a surprise to know that Tamara is also a marvelous goalkeeper on the soccer field! It is amazing how she manages to keep up with piano lessons and practices, while playing a rigorous sport regularly.

When asked if practising on the piano ever became a chore, Tamara replied without skipping a beat that “It is just something that I do when I’m not busy.” This was fascinating as for most children her age, practising would definitely not be the first thing on their mind when they have some free time for themselves! Tamara also shares with us how she fits both her interests – piano and soccer, into her day: “I finish my piano early in the day, and then around 5pm I go and play soccer.”

It is indeed possible to have multiple hobbies and excel in all of them if you plan your time well!

Growing as a musician

6 years into her musical journey, Tamara has commendable musicianship, and she certainly has plans to continually improve her craft. After giving her performance on the 1st movement from Clementi’s Sonatina in C Major, Op. 36, she is now on to tackling the 3rd movement of the work!

Tamara also shares with us her eagerness to work on even more complex pieces. With her dedication to practising half an hour daily, we have no doubt that this goal will be within her reach soon. What’s more? Tamara also has her eyes set on picking up the clarinet as a second instrument!

The world of music is my oyster

The young pianist’s love for music does not just revolve around classical music! While she names Tchaikovsky as her favourite composer, Tamara’s preferred genre of music is actually Pop! Besides working through classical repertoire, she is currently practising a piano rendition of Bad Habits by Ed Sheeran. We definitely look forward to hearing a Pop piano piece performed by Tamara one day!

You can watch Tamara’s full performance of Sonatina in C Major, Op. 36, 1st Movement by Clementi, and other performances put up by our amazing teachers and students on Aureus Academy’s Youtube channel!

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Alex Sarabi