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December 2021

Should I Get an Acoustic or Electronic Drum Set?

There is much to ponder over for someone looking to pick up drum lessons in Singapore. Besides looking for a drum teacher or music school that would provide the best learning experience, there is also the struggle that comes with selecting the right set of drums for one’s home. With the drums being a naturally loud instrument, the average Singaporean investing in a drum set would have a number of factors to consider before bringing their first instrument home.

In this article, I will introduce the two main types of drum sets that are typically used by learners and professionals alike, and provide my expertise as a drummer and music instructor on the pros and cons of each of them that a beginner at the drums should review when picking their instrument.

Acoustic Drum Set

First, we have the acoustic drum set. Traditionally, drummers would start out with a simple four or five-piece wooden drum set that is accompanied by a set of cymbals, cymbal stands, bass drum pedal and a drum throne. While there is the aesthetic appeal of having a beautifully crafted wooden drum set in your home, it goes without saying that in a metropolitan city like Singapore where most of us live in high-rise apartments, it is likely to have neighbours who do not take well to the sounds produced by drums. As such, many of us would worry about the possibility of getting on the bad side of our neighbours when having drum practice sessions at home.

That said, many semi-professional and professional drummers still own a drum set without necessarily playing it at home, as it is sometimes necessary to bring your preferred drum set to a gig or show. I would personally bring components of my drum set such as my cymbals, snare drum and bass drum pedal to play at a gig for a more comfortable experience when performing live.

Electronic Drum Set

Next, we have the electronic drum set. Having established that it is in fact difficult to play on an acoustic drum set at home in Singapore, there are alternatives that can provide the same practice experience without the concern of disturbing neighbours with our instrumental practice. The electronic drum set is a popular option for drum practices at home as it gives the user realistic sonic reactions from the drums and can even produce a wide variety of delightful sound options at significantly lower volumes, especially when you have headphones plugged in instead of a speaker.

Some might argue that the electronic drum set is not a “real” instrument, and practising on it will make it difficult for a drummer to adjust to playing on an acoustic drum set. While there is some credit to this statement, I personally believe that the electronic drum set is a musical instrument in its own right and with the right guidance in picking up all the nuances of playing the drums, a drummer can seamlessly transfer their skills honed on the electronic drum set over to an acoustic drum set whenever it is needed.

As a teacher giving drum lessons in Singapore, I teach my students using both acoustic and electronic drums and place importance on facilitating the transition between the two for my students to gain a holistic learning experience.

Are you looking for engaging drum lessons in Singapore that will suit your learning needs? Book your free drum trial lesson with Aureus Academy now and let us explore the many nuances of this wonderful instrument!

Alex Sarabi