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March 2022

A Guide to Music Lessons in Singapore

There has been a surge in demand for music lessons in Singapore in recent years as many parents these days see the necessity of music education for their children. It has been scientifically proven that music education supports all kinds of learning, making it one of the most sought-after enrichment classes in Singapore.

Common Concerns of Parents

Parents are sure to have many concerns when it comes to finding the best possible music lessons available for their child. Selecting the right platform, teacher and instrument is no easy task as the first music learning experience for a child will determine whether they are interested to continue with more lessons.

One possible concern is the lesson fees. Parents sending their children to after-school enrichment classes are investing their money in hopes that these activities will bring the most benefits to their child. Lesson fees vary depending on various factors and it is up to the parents to judge whether whatever they have paid for is worth the price.

Another concern is to find the right teacher. Teachers who are highly qualified will provide quality lessons and help the child build a strong musical foundation. It is also important to find a teacher who can work well with young children in order to instil a love for music in the child. This is important in ensuring that the student will go on to become a lifelong learner of music.

Last but not least, there is the worry of choosing the right instrument, especially if the child is very young. The general recommendation for children at about 2.5 years old would be to introduce them to percussion instruments which are easy to handle. For children who are aged 4 and above, piano is a good instrument to start with. Piano lessons also cover all the fundamental aspects of music so that the child can transfer the acquired skills onto any other instrument in future.

Platforms for Learning Music in Singapore

There are two major platforms where parents can source for music lessons in Singapore – through private teachers or music schools. One of the major differences between these two platforms is the learning environment. Private teachers conduct lessons from their home studios or at their students’ homes, whereas music schools provide lessons in studios located within the centres.

One possible disadvantage of private music lessons is that they are usually conducted where the instrument is placed in the living room of a student’s home. As such, students can be easily distracted by their surroundings. Music schools on the other hand have studios that can keep out all possible distractions so that students will be able to fully focus during lessons.

Teachers’ Qualifications

As mentioned earlier, the teacher’s qualifications are an important factor to consider. This is also a point where private teachers and music schools may differ. Private teachers can have widely varied qualifications. On the other hand, music schools often have minimum requirements for their teachers’ qualifications (eg. Grade 8 or Diploma). This helps to ensure that the quality of lessons meets a certain standard.

Benefits of Music Education

Music education for young children brings a lot of benefits. Listed below are just some of the things that music learning can do for a child.

Spark Intellectual Growth
Children who learn music tend to do better academically. Did you know? The famous scientist Albert Einstein is a great musician! In fact, learning music requires some mathematical skill and thinking, and is also proven to improve language reception as music lessons increase children’s aural sensitivity.

Provide Enjoyment
It is evident that music lifts one’s mood and makes one happy. Being able to play your favourite song is both an enjoyable and calming activity. Music can be found everywhere for that reason, like in cafés and restaurants, where it sets up a nice ambience for customers.

Boost Confidence
Music is a performing art! By performing for various occasions such as recitals throughout their learning journey, students will have to be met with large audiences. While it can be nerve wracking for some students at first, these experiences help to build confidence over time. Many successful leaders, like former American president Bill Clinton, are known to be great musicians!

Learning To Be Expressive
Young children often find it hard to express themselves, which results in crying and throwing tantrums. Music is an effective way for children to explore different emotions and to practise ways for expressing and managing them.

Instil Discipline
Learning music requires one to commit a lot of their time and energy. They will eventually develop a routine of music lessons and regular practice sessions at home. Being able to stick to a routine and committing to a practice schedule requires a fair amount of discipline and perseverance, which are definitely life skills that set you up for success.

Build Coordination
Playing an instrument often requires the use of multiple parts of the body. For example, in the case of the drums and piano, the musician will have to ensure that their hands and feet match up with one another according to the music they are playing, even if independently, these body parts are actually not doing the same exact movements!

Why Aureus?

Our teachers at Aureus Academy are highly-qualified and full-time, which means that they are fully dedicated to music education. What’s more, all lessons at Aureus Academy are one-to-one and individually tailored to the interests of each student. For parents who are eager to let their child begin their musical learning journey, we even have a specialised music exploration course offered to children as young as 2.5 years old.

The learning experience and journey at Aureus Academy are unlike anywhere else as we provide guaranteed performance opportunities for all students at our recital halls. Parents are also regularly updated on their child’s progress, and are even encouraged to sit in for their child’s lessons.

Additionally, we offer a flexible scheduling policy to all students, whereby you can reschedule lessons easily through the Aureus App. Last but not least, lessons fees at Aureus Academy are calculated based on lesson duration rather than instrument or grade. Want to find out more? Sign up for a free trial lesson with us and experience our lessons for yourself!

Amber Chong

Amber is a Piano and Music Exploration teacher at Aureus Academy @ United Square. She is a passionate educator with many years of experience coaching children. She received her Diploma in Pianoforte Performance from the London College of Music. As an MOE-AMIS-certified teacher, she has planned and conducted music lessons at various schools in Singapore. Her aspiration as a teacher is to inspire and help students find their passion in music.