July 2019

A Day At Winter Camp

A sample 1-day programme at Winter Camp

Time …. Of a 4 year old Beginner        …. Of a 8 year old Elementary
0900-0930 Registration Registration
0930-0945 Ice-Breakers Ice-Breakers
0945-1015 An Instrument A Day I An Instrument A Day I
1015-1045 An Instrument A Day II An Instrument A Day II
1045-1115 Theory Orchestral Instrumental Exploration
1115-1130 BREAK BREAK
1130-1200 Solo/Studio Master-Class Solo/Studio Master-Class
1200-1230 Solo/Studio Master-Class Solo/Studio Master-Class
1230-1330 LUNCH LUNCH
1330-1405 Kodaly/Orff Kodaly/Orff
1405-1440 Kodaly/Orff Kodaly/Orff
1440-1455 BREAK BREAK
1455-1530 Solo Warm-up/ Stage Etiquette Solo Warm-up/ Stage Etiquette
1530-1630 Concert (Students) Concert (Students)

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