August 2019

6 Tips to Memorizing Guitar Strings

Learning the guitar strings is very important when learning the guitar. If you don’t know what notes each string is, you won’t even be able to tune the guitar! Thankfully there are only 6 strings so your job isn’t too tough but in this article, we will go over some simple tips to memorizing these 6 strings. The Strings 6 – E 5 – A 4 – D 3 – G 2 – B 1 – E Tip #1 Have a friend point at a string at random and say it out loud Much like using flash cards to memorize, you can get a friend to test you by pointing randomly at strings and getting you to recite them back. It’s simple, and highly effective. Tip #2 Use a funny phrase Ordinarily you might not find anything memorable from such a random sequence of letters, but over the years, people have come up with some memorable phrases to help learn the strings. Here’s one that I like to use: Elephants And Donkeys Grow Big Ears Tip #3 The Top String and the Bottom String are both E! One quick hint to help you with memorisation is that both the top and bottom string are the note “E” Tip #4 The 2nd B String string is tuned differently This might get a little technical, but it’s worth knowing in the long run. The guitar is largely tuned in 4ths. E to A, A to D, D to G and B to E. The only exception to this is the 3rd string to the 2nd string which is a major third, G to B. The guitar is tuned this way because it allows greater comfort in constructing chords and playing scales. Tip #5 Split the strings up! The lower bass strings (6,5 & 4) are thicker than the lighter strings (3,2 & 1). Use this to your advantage when memorising, group them separately and learn them one group at a time. This way you don’t have to memorize all 6 at once! Tip #6 Say the strings out loud as you play them. Develop your pitching by playing them (make sure it’s tuned!) open and singing the note as it sounds. For instance, play the bottom E string and let it ring, sing the letter “E” with the guitar as it’s sounding out. This will train your ear and also help you memorize the strings!

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