September 28, 2019

5 ways to know how to hit the right key! Time to sing it right!


Copywriter, Aureus Group

Singing in tune is one of the most fundamental aspects of singing. For some people, singing in tune is very easy, and that’s because they can naturally match what they hear to their singing. However, for some people, it might be a little bit harder – but fret not, singing in tune is a skill that can be mastered through consistent practice and more self-awareness! Here are 5 ways to know how to hit the right key in order to sing well:
  1. Practice with a Digital Tuner or an App!Part of learning how to sing is developing one’s aural awareness so that you can diagnose yourself whether or not you are singing in tune. Fortunately, we now have devices that can tell us whether the voice is too “sharp” (above the desired pitch) or “flat” (below the desired pitch). A digital tuner will tell you exactly whether you are correctly on the pitch or not. Otherwise, SingTrue is an app (available on Android and iOs) that has many different exercises that help you sing in tune and also gives personal feedback!
  2. Record yourself and listen backRecording is a method used by professional singers and teachers all around the world. Most smartphones have recording devices, but if you’re really serious about getting a clear recording, you can also invest in a professional, portable recording device. Try singing a short song while recording yourself and listen to yourself afterwards; then, note down the parts of the song where you think you could have improved.
  3. Try to match your voice with notes on A Piano AppTry looking for a Piano App Online. Play a note on the piano (in your comfortable range) and see if you can match the note with your voice. If you are matching the pitch correctly, you’ll hear and feel a “consonance,” which is a sound that feels like your voice is completely blended into the piano’s note. This exercise is best done with somebody else in the room to check if you’re hearing correctly.
  4. Check your postureLearning good singing posture is one of the most important aspects of aspects of learning how to sing. Having bad posture can affect the voice and cause you to sing out of tune – better posture means better control of one’s voice. Standing up straight (but not stiff) with feet slightly apart, shoulders relaxed, knees unlocked, and the chin parallel to the floor is a good place to start.
  5. Sign up for singing lessons!The BEST way to improve your singing is to find a professional voice teacher. Singing in tune involves both heightened aural awareness as well as healthy vocal technique, which can only be honed properly with a knowledgeable and experienced instructor. Find out more about singing lessons here!
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