August 2019

5 Useful Music Learning Applications

In this age of tech, almost everyone owns and relies heavily on their mobile phones. So we thought it would be great to have some useful music learning apps that will help and complement our musical journey! Here are 5 apps on the list: Tenuto – Tenuto is an extremely useful Music Education tool that provides a bunch of exercises and activities to further your music education. Examples of these training exercises include identifying notes, key signatures, intervals and chords. Perhaps the best exercise available on this app is the ear trainer. The ear training component includes testing your knowledge of identifying intervals aurally, chords and scales. You can adjust the settings to change the difficulty based on speed and complexity. All in all, a wonderful music learning app to help you solidify your music knowledge. Cleartune – One of the best Tuning apps available on the mobile phone is Cleartune. Highly customizable, you can adjust Cleartune to many different settings beyond the traditional 440Hz A4 Calibration. As a result of this, Cleartune is useful for all types of instruments. Tempo – If you are looking for a great digital metronome, Tempo is a good choice. Online metronomes are common, but Tempo seems to do its job very well nonetheless. Much like Cleartune above, Tempo is customisable to your needs depending on what you want to practice. It comes with some interesting preset sounds that you can choose from, including 14 sound sets. One cool feature is the “Setlist”, where you can store presets for a wide variety of functions. Definitely a must-have music learning app! Yousician – If you are the self-learning type, the interactive app Yousician may be for you! Utilizing a graded and progressive system of learning, Yousician is fun and easy for non-musicians to pick up. It makes use of game mechanics and modern technology to assist you in learning new repertoire and developing fast. Currently Yousician supports guitar, piano, ukulele and bass on a variety of mobile platforms. One cool aspect about the app is that Yousician is able to analyse your playing on your real instrument and provide instant feedback and guidance. Tabs & Chords by Ultimate Guitar – Looking to add to your repertoire, you should consider Ultimate Guitar’s app that provides the chords and tablature to a ton of popular music. Ultimate Guitar has a gigantic database of songs so needless to say, you will find plenty of tunes to add to your repertoire. The app also contains interactive features that will assist you in learning songs.

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