November 2017

5 Health Benefits of Playing the Piano

It is an indisputable fact that playing the piano can bring about mental and physical health benefits. In recent years, there is a growing number of evidence which relate playing piano to improving brain activity, promoting brain development, enhancing discipline and many more advantages.
  1. Inspires creativity
Playing the piano requires you to be creative every time you play. Research done by a Vanderbilt University psychologist found that musicians use a creative technique known as “divergent thinking” which requires you to use both sides of your brain, bringing about better brain development. Every time you play, you are using both sides to coordinate your hands and to read music. Exercising this technique constantly is why musicians tend to be more creative thinkers, allowing them to think of more creative solutions when it comes to problem solving.
  1. Improves Brain Activity
Playing the piano helps to enhance brain activity across various areas, especially auditory, visual and motor cortices. It is also found that playing the piano promotes efficient connection between the different parts of the front lobe, a key part of brain that is responsible for decision making, problem solving, social behaviour etc. Read here about the relevant research details!
  1. Good Coordination
Learning how to get your hands to work together may be difficult at first but with more practice, it will become natural. Playing the piano allows you develop the ability to focus on multiple things simultaneously.
  1. Stress Relief
We all know that listening to music is very soothing. But did you know that playing music also acts as a stress buster? Even just a few minutes of playing the piano daily can lower blood pressure and make you feel much more positive. This helps release stress build-up, one of the most important health benefits of all.
  1. Increase Musical Awareness
Learning how to play the piano also increases your ability to recognize pitch, to differentiate notes, and to compose your own melodies. By having musical training, you will certainly develop your musical awareness and become a more musical person.
  1. Instils Discipline
Playing the piano requires a certain amount of dedication. For most people it will take a significant amount of work to become an accomplished pianist. Regular practice sessions each day will instil discipline in an individual, a trait that can be applied to many other areas of life. Having understood this plethora of benefits you can get from playing piano, it’s time to start taking a course or sending your children for a piano class. Start exploring more about our piano lessons today!

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