August 2019

4 Things You Should Know Before Learning the Guitar

1. Electric, Acoustic or Classical? Which guitar to get? You may or may not be aware but there are different types of guitars available and each type of guitar has a markedly different approach to learning. Traditionally, Classical guitars are used for beginning students for their softer strings but Electric guitars also have soft strings. However, Electric Guitars require an amplifier and a cable which could be 2 extra things whereas you don’t need anything else apart from the Classical guitar. The Acoustic Guitar definitely has harder strings but the sound is very pleasant and can be readily identified to the ear as more “pop”-friendly. Whatever you choose, make sure you choose it because you prefer the style of music. Classical guitars invariably play classical music (although it’s not a rule). Electric Guitars are used for Rock music and Acoustic Guitars are used for pop music. 2. Getting a teacher or self-learning? Are you going to self-teach yourself or are you going to be getting a teacher. I highly recommend getting a good teacher to assist you in learning because that can speed up your progress very quickly. A teacher will illuminate simple problems rapidly and get you focused on practicing more efficiently. However, if you have alot of time, energy and motivation, you can also self-teach through Youtube or other online resources. This is very time-intensive and you might develop some bad habits, so beware! 3. Do you know a good guitar store? You’ll need a good place to get your guitar strings, a case, a strap, maybe an amplifier and cable if it’s an electric guitar. Other accessories such as a clip on tuner, guitar picks and other merchandise. Knowing someone reliable and reputable to fix your guitar if it ever needs a repair or re-adjustment. 4. Will I have enough time to practice? The speed at which you develop will largely depend on how much time you can put into the instrument. If you have a busy life, it might be hard to fit practicing into your schedule. If you can get in 20minutes a day consistently or every other day, you’ll definitely see some steady progress. The guitar can be a tricky instrument to pick up, but once you learn the basic chords, you will find yourself able to play multiple songs quickly because many songs share the same chords!

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