July 21, 2019

10 Tips to encourage your child to practise


Copywriter, Aureus Group

Practice makes perfect? Let’s try practice makes permanent!

1. Like anything else, learning an instrument is a long-term commitment. Regular practising is definitely preferred, even if it is only 15 minutes a day for the younger ones. 2. A rested mind is more productive than practising after a long day of activities. Try to allocate practice time in the mornings. 3. Rather than cram in one long session, or speed-learn with last minute long hours the day before the lesson, it is more effective to do it slowly and gradually. Try splitting practice routine into two short sessions 4. The practising area should be quiet, free from distractions and any gadgets including TV, iPads and laptops! 5. Parental level of involvement in lessons and supervision at home should consist of discussions instead of orders and criticism. Ask the opinions from your children. 6. Encourage sectional instead of always starting from the beginning to the end. 7. Look for patterns. Pieces are always composed on a few elements and build on the same patterns. 8. Repetition usually leads to boredom. Encouraging variable practice approaches and material may be beneficial to most children’s learning. 9. Set a specific target for each practice. This will be easier for any child to achieve, rather than throw everything onto their shoulders at the same time. 10. Encouraging with praise and also through a more holistic approach usually works with most children.